Quick & Easy Power Breakfasts

I am a cereal lover at heart. It has been my breakfast choice for many years, as well as my go-to late night snack, or quick dinner if I’m too lazy to cook.

One thing’s for sure, a sugar packed meal of cereal doesn’t sustain me very long. It has me coming back for something more in just a short time.

My husband and I gave the 21 Day Fix a shot in the fall, and our eating habits changed drastically. (I’ll have to do a re-cap post about 21 Day Fix another time). I wish I could say we’ve maintained all of our self-control and discipline since then, but we haven’t in all areas.

Breakfast, however, is one area where we’ve continued eating well (most days) and it has made a huge difference. A lot of people skip breakfast all together (how is that even possible, I think I would die), and others fall back on convenient options like cereal or a granola bar because they’re rushed for time.

We’ve found three breakfast options that are quick, healthy, full of protein to sustain us through the morning that we love. We rotate through these three, and a big bonus is our girls love them too!(although Lenna is a cereal girl like me, so we’re still working on her ;))


Oatmeal with honey & fruit – In less than two minutes you can have a filling breakfast with very little effort put in. Put 1/3 cup oatmeal in a microwave bowl with 2/3 cup water and cook for 1 minute. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to the oatmeal as your sweetener and add whatever fruit you would like. My favorites are raspberries, strawberries or bananas.


Eggs – we rotate between scrambled and fried. I will eat my eggs with either one slice of toast or a waffle with maple syrup. Eggs are a cheap and quick breakfast that you can mix up multiple ways. Some days I’ll add spinach to my scrambled eggs so that I know I’m getting my greens. (I hate greens. It is a BIG struggle to get enough every day)! Add peppers and onions as a quick way to get more veggies in your day.


Greek Yogurt & Granola – Not only is this one of my favorite breakfasts, but it is my #1 snack choice. I will usually have this as my morning or late evening snack. I have not found a brand of plain greek yogurt that I can stand, so I splurge and buy Greek Gods Honey yogurt. I add granola and whatever berries I have on hand. If you are trying to follow 21 Day Fix to a T, you will want to purchase plain Greek Yogurt and flavor it yourself. Try adding honey, pure vanilla flavoring or maple syrup. All are great natural options.


Water – I pair every breakfast with a glass of water. On the 21 Day Fix your goal is to drink half your body weight (yikes, right?!?) in water, so beginning the day with a full glass, not only helps fill you up, but gets your body hydrated!

No matter how busy you are, take 2 or 3 minutes to whip up one of these power breakfasts. You won’t regret it. Fuel your body for the day. Get yourself started on the right foot, so you will be more motivated to make better choices for lunch and supper too!

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