Playing Catch Up

My friend and I were raking at our Spring clean-up day at Camp on Saturday and she mentioned I haven’t blogged in a while. AH! I know, I said, I’ve been so busy. She reminded me I’m supposed to share my messy stuff too 😉

Easter weekend was a beautiful long weekend filled with lots of family time and get togethers. My house suffered majorly from running in and out barely being home to tidy anything. I went into the Monday after Easter with NO meal plan (gasp), a husband out of town fishing, a disaster of a house and a bad attitude (me…no way ;)) My attitude changed, but I felt like I was playing catch up all week. With sick kiddos and a busy schedule (and no meal plan) I was lost.

We ate eggs and some type of carb for dinner three nights in a row and then I ordered pizza. Ha. I think I might have cooked an okay chicken rice and bean casserole, but then took my family out for Mexican the next night. My poor budget towards the end of April took a hit.

I left pans from one of my dinners in the sink for like three days. My sister would have literally died if she came over 😉 But as my good friend Laura says, she never loses any sleep with dishes in the sink! 

I spent most of the last two weeks in this hat ($2.88 from Walmart!!) and no make-up. And that was amazing. It feels good to give my face a break. Not that I wear that much make-up, but my eyes suffer from mascara, so two weeks free was nice. It’s amazing how fresh my eyes look and feel when I don’t have to scrub black from under my eyes daily 😉

All that to say, I can’t handle the fly by the seat of my pants life, and neither can my budget. So, I’m working hard on my meal plan right now and it will be posted tomorrow…late maybe…but posted!

Have a great week friend.

xo Debi

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