Messy Monday – Why Working Hard Matters

It was pretty clear by the dried snot smeared all over my two year old’s face and the whiny “good morning” of my three year old that today was going to be one of those days. You know, the ones where everyone needs you. The kind where you give everything you’ve got to make them comfortable and happy and to no avail, tears…lots of tears. And whining. Oh the whining. When you know you’re in for a day like that, it’s hard not to throw in the towel right off and try to just get through the day.

I didn’t throw in the towel, but I called in a few of my backups this morning: coffee, an extra episode (or 2 or 3) of the girls’ favorite shows and some time reading the Bible.

By 10 am we ran out of Kleenex. The second cup of coffee must not have gone to my brain because I was using napkins…that’s right…napkins to wipe my poor girlies’ noses (I know I’m nuts. Stop judging. ). There was NO WAY I was hauling three little girls who didn’t feel well to the store. I’d rather stab my hand with a fork. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but really going to the store when they’re all happy is exhausting! It wasn’t until hours later that I had an epiphany…oh toilet paper! Toilet paper is much softer than napkins. Sorry children.

At any given time, one or two, usually two, wanted me to hold them, so I was pulling out all the stops trying to make them happy. The oldest two “washed dishes” code word for filling up the kitchen sink and splashing soapy water all over the place.  If I wasn’t holding the baby, she was at my feet begging to be held.Brinn

How can you say no to this cheesy face with a fat lip. That’s right, a fat lip. She smacked her face on the floor. She had blood pooling out of her mouth, but luckily it’s just a small puncture from one of her new chompers. She didn’t cry long, I just shoved a wash cloth in her mouth…Kidding. But no really, she loves sucking on wet wash cloths, so I quickly soaked one up with water and let her go to town and that made her happy and soaked up the blood.

At times I felt like a clown, juggling, riding a unicycle and making balloon animals. At one point I was feeding the baby and Lenna asked me to make her a fan. (They were watching Sofia, and Princess Amber had a fan) So I threw some pieces of muffin on the baby’s tray to keep her happy and grabbed a piece of construction paper, whipped up a fan and oh shoot. I need to make Reese one. So I grabbed another piece…bam another fan. I bring them over to the girls and let Reese pick the first color (the fans were blue & green). She says, “Pink” and grabs the blue fan. Lenna screams, “That’s not…” I cut her off, “It’s PINK. Just let her think it’s pink.” (Seriously?!? I know right.)

Throughout the busy (long) day, there were a lot of sweet moments mixed in with the snotty messy ones. Like this.Reese

Reese is on the go all the time, but today she didn’t feel well and took some time to snuggle with Elsa. (I know that thing is huge isn’t it?!)

We made banana chocolate chip muffins. They sat on the counter and sneezed and coughed all over the place. They licked the spoons, and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll get sick from eating one of those muffins, but they had so much fun. Lenna said, “I love baking with you Mom!” as she coughed in my face. Precious right?!

These days will come and go and I may not even remember most of them, but they matter. The nose wiping, fan making, snuggling, mediating, all of it, matters. My children might not remember being sick and whining, but they’ll remember how I took care of them. They’ll remember me letting them lick the batter off the spoon. They’ll remember me rocking them when they didn’t feel well.

If you struggle with not feeling like your Mommy tasks are important, they are. Whatever position or job we are in, the Lord has placed us there on purpose, and we must remember that it matters.

Colossians 3:23-24 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

What a great reminder in the midst of a messy day. It doesn’t matter if I’m scrubbing spit-up off my floor or teaching my 2 year old a lesson after pulling her sister’s hair, I must work at it with all my heart. Don’t throw in the towel because the day looks rough. Ask God for strength and patience to sustain you through the day.

When you can view your daily tasks as a means to please God, it can become a time of worship for you. Make the decision to glorify God in all circumstances – in the beauty and the mess.

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    1. Isn’t it crazy how we can feel like we’re the only ones, but in reality, most everyone’s going through or has gone through something similar!

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