The Beauty and the Mess


I’ve dipped my toes in blogging once before when I was teaching and then again after becoming a new mom. The motives behind those half-hearted blogs were to give people what I thought they wanted to see or read. It was a chore, a burden at times, and no fun at all. I didn’t understand why, and after it was longer any fun, I decided to pretend like I never even started blogging in the first place. After all, maybe the two people who visited my blog wouldn’t even notice 😉

Fast forward a couple years and a couple babies (yes, I managed to cram in three babies in 2 1/2 years) and I found myself wanting a hobby. Something that I loved, something without pressure and of course something that brought joy.

The thought of blogging occasionally would surface, but I’d immediately shoot it down because like I said, been there done that. And we can all see how that turned out. And secondly, it was a chore the last time.

At one of our Mops (mothers of preschoolers) meetings recently, we watched a video about creativity. The woman in the video developed a love for quilting as a young mom (this lady didn’t even have a sewing machine and she decided she wanted to learn). She quickly found quilting to be an outlet for her. It was what gave her life. It refreshed her heart and mind. She enforced quiet time in her house when her kiddos were young, and during that time she would go to her sewing room.

She mentioned the pressures every mom faces about what to do during “nap time”. Most people feel guilty if they don’t clean, pick-up, fold laundry, meal plan or whatever else the house is calling for. Those tasks are necessary, but a aren’t generally life-giving. She emphasized how important it is for us women to nurture ourselves in order to best serve others. If we’re emotionally and physically drained, there’s not much left in our tanks to serve those around us. Specifically those tiny humans and hunky husbands!

Oh that sounded so good! Nurture myself so that I can better serve my husband and little girls. I didn’t know exactly what this would look like, but I gave myself the permission to dapple in the things that give me life. The things that refresh me. So I started exercising or journaling or even watching a show during nap time. I’d spend a little time picking up or getting supper prepared and then I’d focus on me. There has been a significant change in my attitude and actions in the afternoons and evenings.

Blogging popped in my head again and this time I said, YES! That’s it. I can do it for ME. It can be my creative life-giving outlet that allows me to be expressive, encouraging and honest. So began this new little hobby.

My purpose is to glorify God in all circumstances – in the beauty and in the mess!

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  1. Love this Debi!! You are a gifted writer and inspirational woman…I can’t wait to hear more of your heart!! ❤️

    1. Thanks Kim! You’ve inspired me to be more diligent in my quiet time, and She Reads Truth is one of my new favorite tools now!

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