Friday Favorites – Black & White Stripes

Happy Friday, everyone! Do you find yourself drawn to a certain color palette, design, or style? For me black and white stripes can draw me in from the greatest of distances. It’s like they’re screaming my name and I want to have them ALL! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things – black and white stripe edition. (I could have done a list of a dozen things, but for your sake, I limited it to four ;))

Black + White Throw Blanket (Ikea) This throw is the perfect size and weight. I love that it’s just enough of a neutral to go with any color couch or chair.

Black + White Stripe Tunic (Old Navy similar one here) This shirt was long enough to wear with leggings and boots in the winter layered with a jean vest or chambray shirt unbuttoned. I’m looking forward to wearing it into the spring with cuffed black pants and rolled sleeves. It’s light weight so layering doesn’t turn you into a hot box. It also hangs nicely and doesn’t hug those problem areas!

Wooden + Stone Coaster (Nested) I’m a sucker for anything wooden and to combine wood + black and white stripes = perfection! These coasters are handmade by a local momtrepeneur right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She also started the company Kalamazoo Granola  and is the sweetest, hard working Mom boss out there. It was so fun meeting her this past weekend and seeing her products in person. Shop local!!

Make-Up Bag (Beautycounter) This bag is the perfect size and stands UP RIGHT, so when you’re doing your make-up it doesn’t keep tipping over. The chic bag wipes off easily and makes me smile every time those black + white stripes catch my eye!

What is your favorite color/style?

Tell me in the comments below!

XO Debi

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