Following my miscarriage I had a lot of questions and really began researching hormone disruption. I was shocked to discover the personal care products I have been using for so long were filled with toxic chemicals and unsafe ingredients. I don’t think the use of these products led to a miscarriage, but it did get me thinking about what I was putting in and on my body and my health overall. I was introduced to the company Beautycounter, and once I started using their products I never looked back. Not only are they safe products, but they are high performing too! I had no clue that what I was using could have such an impact on my body and I’m sure many others aren’t aware either. That’s why I’ve decided to join Beautycounter as a consultant. I’m so thankful for the work Beautycounter is doing by providing safe products and educating people about the need for better beauty!

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is or isn’t safe on the market today. A good place to start is to watch this video to help understand the need for better beauty.

Also, put your own products to the test. Have you heard of the Environmental Working Group (EWG)? I hadn’t either! They ask hard questions about products, water and the environment, and make their findings available for consumers on their Skin Deep Database. They have a database of over 65,000 products, so give it a try and see how your products rate.

I will admit, almost no one has it in their budget to throw out all of their existing products and start from scratch (it would be nice wouldn’t it?!). A good method is when you finish one of your existing products, replace it with a safer option. If you’d love to replace it with a Beautycounter product, I’d love to have your support, but any safer option is a positive change!

If you’ve settled for drug store make-up your entire life like me, making a make-up purchase like this can seem crazy and like a big financial investment…but it is! Make-up is something (most) women use almost daily. I’ve discovered that paying more for safer products is worth adjusting my budget for.

High performing products are just that…high performing which means a little goes a long way. I first started using this make-up in August and am just now (5 1/2) months later needing to replace my Dew Skin and Concealer pen. Almost 6 months! The sticker shock might be hard to get past, but believe me when I say you won’t regret it. I’ve since started using their Nourishing Skin Care line and will share more about that at another time!

You can check out the products here and please let me know if you have any questions or would like recommendations of what might be best for you!