4 Inexpensive Activities for 2 Year Olds


If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a two year old in your home, or are getting ready for that teachable twos phase, this post is for you!

I’ve made it through the 2’s phase once, and here is my current favorite 2 year old! She’s spunky, funny, and sweet as can be!


The best word to describe a two year old is crazy BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. Constantly on the go. But oh do they love repetitive motions and activities. There are so many inexpensive activities involving mostly things you have around the house that keep their attention and engage them for more than two minutes at a time 😉

Alphabet Puzzle – even though most 2 year olds don’t know their letters yet, it’s never to young to have exposure. Hiding the letter pieces in the dry beans is an extra fun extension to the activity. This sensory activity allows for little hands to touch and feel, seek and find, and place letters in the puzzle. I found this puzzle at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it $1! They also have a numbers version of this puzzle! Put the dry beans in any container you can easily close and there you have it! Hours  minutes of fun! Hehe – but really, this is one activity the girls pull out from our activity cupboard often!

toddler activity 7

Pom-Poms – there could be an entire post just on pom-poms alone! These things are amazing. Honestly, you can do anything. Use tongs to pick them up. Sort colors in an egg container or cupcake pan. Glue onto paper. Stick onto contact paper. And of course, put in a container. I’ve cut a hole in an oatmeal container and had them drop them in the hole. I’ve also taped toilet paper rolls to the closet doors so they can drop them through the tunnels into a bucket. This variation calls for an old drink container and a package of poms! toddler activity 4

Play-doh – this seems like a no brainer right? Well I’ve got to admit, two year olds aren’t the best at flattening out their play-doh and demand your help the WHOLE time. With three little ones at home, I try to find ways to keep them engaged without needing my help every two seconds. So we’ve added tooth-picks and beads to our play-doh fun. They love sticking the tooth-picks in the play-doh and stacking the beads on the tooth-picks. Let me give you a fair warning that beads generally end up flying across the kitchen, but it is one of the favorites around here! toddler activity

Painting Snow – we’re in the dead of winter here in Michigan, and sometimes temps are so low we stay inside. A fun way to play in the snow is to bring it in! I scoop a shovel’s worth into a 9 x 13 pan for each girl. I mix food coloring and water in mason jars and let them paint away. Sand toys or little cars are also fun to play with in the snow! I lay old towels on the floor beneath them to soak up the snow that gets flung out of their containers. The clean-up is easy peasy. Dump the snow outside and you’re done! toddler activity 2

I hope you give one or all of these activities a try with your toddler! Don’t just survive these winter months, thrive!

Do you have go-to fun activities for your two year old? I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment!

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    1. I’m sure Layla will love playing in the snow! We found that sponge brushes worked better on the snow, showed more color. Also, pack the snow down pretty well! Have fun!

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